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 Cliffs notes of Character References for Gilbert (Exhibits 1-12)

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PostSubject: Cliffs notes of Character References for Gilbert (Exhibits 1-12)   Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:16 pm

Exhibits (I will only hit character references and letters from Gilbert too)

I won't mention that they plead the judge to be lenient. That is the purpose of them

Exhibit 1
WHO WROTE IT: Sean Abbanatto
OCCUPATION: Owns Empowered for Life, a Leadership training organization for kids in Oklahoma City.
He knew Gilbert since he was in high school. Gilbert was talented in basketball, but he was very humble. He also often came back to OKC to play in their gym. Even after he became an NBA player, Gilbert has always remained humble and is an upstanding guy unlike many other hoops players.

Exhibit 2
WHO WROTE IT: Gilbert Jorge Arenas
OCCUPATION: He's the con's padre!
Dad is disappointed in his son, but as a father he wants his son to succeed, and there are better ways for him to learn his lesson and help others, than putting him in jail which can "destroy him" and he is "fragile in a lot of ways." Being lenient will allow him to make him an even better man.

Exhibit 3
WHO WROTE IT: Alana Beard
OCCUPATION: Washington Mystics guard and four time WNBA All Star
Alana writes from the perspective of being a professional athlete and as a close friend. She mentions that they have no formal training, and that she was fortunate to have strong famiy support which he didn't have. I know this since I'm in DC, but Alana has been with Gilbert for many charity events, she has seen a large number of Wizards games, Gilbert has been at Mystics games, and the kids at all the events especially love him. She mentions that he adopted a young boy who lost his whole family in a fire and "pay for weddings for his childhood friends to thank them for their friendship".

Exhibit 4
WHO WROTE IT: Paisley Benaza
OCCUPATION: Gilbert's agent and consultant, was working as a manager for him previously
She has talked about how Gilbert worked hard to become an NBA star, become the first guy in the 2001 NBA Draft to be an All Star, and mentioned about how Gilbert helped her in her time of need. She was an NBA agent for six straight years and felt very stressed, and wanted to quit to attend school, she did go to school, but still managed Gil and even received more business, which allowed Benaza to become a consulting agency owner herself. This letter was long.

Exhibit 5
WHO WROTE IT: Charlyne Braxton
OCCUPATION: Outreach Coordinator for Hannah House, a transitional shelter for homeless women and kids
Ms. Braxton mentioned that Gil gave VIP suites and tickets at his own expense to HH kids who even went in a limo. He even gave them a party at ESPN zone.

Exhibit 6
WHO WROTE IT: Dustlvn O. Canalin
OCCUPATION: UNDRCRWN LLC owner, it's an apparel company
Attests to the fact the Gilbert was childlike yes, but he still was a real person and was mature when needed. He worked with Gil for his Adidas projects and was impressed with how Gilbert wanted to be involved in the projects for his shoes.

Exhibit 7
OCCUPATION: A mom, presumably a neighbor
She met Gilbert last May with her son almost by accident, and she asked him if he would sign a basketball for a fundraiser. He signed it happily, but he also ran back home to get a pair of shoes which he signed, AND gave her son an autographed picture. That shows his humility and genuine kindness.

Exhibit 8
WHO WROTE IT: Wickel Donohue
OCCUPATION: Letter says that the writer worked with him while he was with the Wizards
The writer says that Gilbert has been a great guy generally, done a lot for the community ans schools, so he should get a light sentence.

Exhibit 9
WHO WROTE IT: Robert Drosman
OCCUPATION: Dentist. Well with Gilbert he was his childhood basketball coach in pee wee
He knew Gil for 18 years, or since Gil was in elementary school. Sure Gil was a joker, but was serious when needed. The gun incident aside, he has been a great upstanding man.

Exhibit 10
WHO WROTE IT: Margaret Foster
OCCUPATION: She was a surrogate mom to Gilbert
She views him as Little Gil, not the NBA star. Her son and Gilbert were best friends, Gilbert was always a larger than life guy, and having him around during her divorce some years ago along with her dad at the same time made her feel much better. "..he was a sepcial son to me!" *tear comes down my eye*

In 2007, NBA TV made a story on Gil, and he mentioned her as person who most helped shape his life, and Toyota gave her a new Camry to thank her for that.

NOTE TO SELF: Hope her gas pedal's fine.

Exhibit 11
WHO WROTE IT: Karen Friedman
OCCUPATION: Judge for the Orphan's Court in Baltimore City, Maryland
The judge has known Gil for several years and knows he's an upstanding man. He is a charitable man as well because they are "NOT things he HAS to do, these are the things he WANTS to do." The judge also truly believe he has remorse and that leniency will give him endless opportunity to do better.

Exhibit 12
OCCUPATION: Widow, let me get to the next point
This lady writes about the fact that her husband was a Gilbert fan in his very early years as a Wizard, he was murder in Feb.2005 in front of their oldest son (she has three). She always remembered that her husband would say that Gil would one day be a superstar, which he did. The detective who investigated the case asked her oldest son what one wish he wanted, and the son wanted to meet Gilbert, which he eventually did during a team practice. Gilbert was very warm and genuine, and was even nice enough to provide dream seats to all weekend Wizards games for the 05-06 season and let her sons meet the rest of the team and they were like family.

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Cliffs notes of Character References for Gilbert (Exhibits 1-12)
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