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 Cliffs notes of Character References for Gilbert (Exhibits 13-24)

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PostSubject: Cliffs notes of Character References for Gilbert (Exhibits 13-24)   Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:34 pm

Exhibit 13
WHO WROTE IT: Rich Goldberg
OCCUPATION: President of American Roundball Corporation
Gilbert played with ARC as a kid, ARC is a youth hoops program mostly in Southern Cal. Gil is one of 38 ARC players who eventually made it to the NBA, and is a role model for those who are in ARC today.

Exhibit 14
WHO WROTE IT: Sashia Jones
OCCUPATION: Community Relations Director for the Washington Wizards
Ms. Jones mentions that Gilbert would often give the Wizards community relations dept ideas on how to help the DC area, often emailing during the graveyard shift, holidays, and weekends. He was an available star to talk to. He always wished to throw his jersey out after every game, help Hurricane Katrina victims and give public schools money for points he scored, and he fulfilled all of those wishes.

Exhibit 15
WHO WROTE IT: Sylvia Jones
OCCUPATION: Gilbert’s realtor
Ms. Jones was impressed with Gil’s discipline in particular financially when she first met him and searched for his first home in the area. He was always a reserved but an enthusiastic and kind man who even called her to wish her happy birthday because he didn’t see her at a game.

Exhibit 16
WHO WROTE IT: Tara Jones
OCCUPATION: AAU team manager for a team in Richmond, VA
Another Ms. Jones. She mentioned that her team was non-profit, and that two of her players wrote Gilbert a letter to ask if he would support them. He did, providing uniforms, shows, and other equipment. He even gave tickets to the team and they got to meet him. He spoke to each of them individually and it was a life changing experience, in a good way of course.

Exhibit 17
OCCUPATION: Georgetown University Hospital Child Care Specialist
Kim mentions how Gilbert gave patients at the hospital autographed memorabilia to a patient who really wanted to meet him, and even invited pediatric patients to meet Gil at the Verizon Center and watch a game, and even got to play some Xbox against him.

Exhibit 18
WHO WROTE IT: Lester Knispel
OCCUPATION: President of Boulevard Management based in Southern Cal; he was his business manager
Knispel met Gilbert in 2006. Was very impressed that when he met him for the first time, Gil was with his son. After going to his meeting with him, Gil would periodically go out to see his son and see how he was. Gilbert is known as a “great father” and a “hands on dad” whenever basketball is not part of his schedule.

Exhibit 19
WHO WROTE IT: Timothy Law
OCCUPATION: President of MBox Communications, business partner of Gilbert
He worked with Gil in a campaign to help get him more votes in the NBA All Star Game in 2007. He was impressed to see that he was a kid, humble man despite the fact that he was a talented player, committed to playing ball, and his “practical ‘jokemanship’”.

Exhibit 20
OCCUPATION: Currently a junior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Met Gilbert while working as an “autograph hound” for sports memorabilia
Levi is from Chicago and is a Bulls fan, not a Wizards fan well at least then. While working as an autograph hound, he tried to get to Gilbert at the Wizards’ hotel late at night after a Bulls game with 200 photos in an envelope, plus 100 jerseys along with a letter saying that the photos he sells would be used to help him pay for college, rather than for pure profit. Unlike many players who will refuse to do so at that late hour, Gil told him to come back the next morning, and all the photos and jerseys were signed, according to the instructions in the envelope. The two became friends and he credits Gil for helping him pay for his college education but also for being such a considerate athlete, one for the fans.

Exhibit 21
WHO WROTE IT: A. McAllister
OCCUPATION: Currently a high school student and is an orphan, met Gilbert
He was 9 when he first met Gilbert in 2004. He lost his entire family in a house fire, and was the only one to survive. Gilbert met him two days after the fire, and helped provide him clothing, toys and the like. When they arrived at his grandma’s house, Gilbert helped take the stuff in and treats him like a little brother to this day.

Exhibit 22
WHO WROTE IT: Dave McMenamin
OCCUPATION: ESPN (Los Angeles) writer
First met Gilbert when he had an assignment to interview him in DC. He was originally supposed to get 10 minutes with him, but instead, Gilbert gave him an hour. He is impressed that Gilbert is much like the fans and that good, nice and kind are adjectives that are “simple with him”. He is an athlete for the fans, where he would interrupt interviews to let fans talk with him for a bit.

Exhibit 23
WHO WROTE IT: Ronald Moten
OCCUPATION: Founder of Peaceaholics, Inc., a youth advocacy group
This letter didn’t give as much personal insight to how great Gilbert is. But it argues that Arenas has already been a big community advocate, bigger than most if not all of the NBA and NFL players who are from DC and his punishment is best if he serves through this means.

Exhibit 24
WHO WROTE IT: Tamara Perez
OCCUPATION: Nonprofit worker
This letter is another one of those which doesn’t mention much about Gilbert. Tamara doesn’t even know Gilbert. But she again argues that he and his Zero to Hero Foundation has done a lot of great work for the DC area, and that his good deeds need to be put into play when considering his sentence.

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Cliffs notes of Character References for Gilbert (Exhibits 13-24)
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