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 Isiah Thomas declines offer to be a consultant for the Knicks

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PostSubject: Isiah Thomas declines offer to be a consultant for the Knicks   Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:39 am

Thank god he had his head on straight on this one. Why go to a team where you severely tarnished your legacy? Second of all this is a distraction when it comes to coaching your college team Isiah.

Unlike most of the sportswriters, I don't necessarily think that Thomas would have a conflict of interest with FIU if he did decide to take the job. There is a precedent of some sort where a college coach did work as a consultant on a pro basketball team. Pat Summitt, the Tennessee women's coach was hired by the Washington Mystics in 2002 and helped give advice on personnel decisions until 2005 when Ted Leonsis bought the team. Even then there are some differences. WNBA season is during the college off season while the NBA and college seasons run at the same time. Second, Pat Summitt is a highly regarded source in the game. Isiah Thomas if he took this job, despite his hall of fame career as a player, has at best, lost that rep as a highly regarded source in the game.


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Isiah Thomas declines offer to be a consultant for the Knicks
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