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 The RBT Guide to Notable Basketball Figures and Events for 2010-2011 (K-O)

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PostSubject: The RBT Guide to Notable Basketball Figures and Events for 2010-2011 (K-O)   Sun Apr 10, 2011 7:48 pm


KeyArena - Home to the Seattle Storm which went undefeated in the 2010 WNBA season. Also the arena which was a smokescreen for the real reason that forced the Supersonics out to OKC, and will likely be the arena that welcomes back an NBA team when an expansion Sonics team comes in or when a current NBA team moves, like New Orleans. Good chance the Sonics may come back in 2012 or 2013.

Kia - The Korean car company that helped Blake Griffin's marketability when he did one of the most pedestrian dunks ever in the history of the dunk contest.
Knicks - The team that sucked for five years with bloated contracts in order to have the space to sign some sexy stars to build a contender. Those stars were Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, and Chauncey Billups who improved the team to a .500 ish record and maybe a 5 seed in the East if they win out the rest of this year.
Krzyzewski, Mike - Won the 2010 Division I Men's Basketball National Championship with Duke as their head coach, and also won the 2010 FIBA World Championships as the head coach of Team USA. Arguably the best coach in basketball today, and also arguably the most hated.

Langhorne, Crystal - Forward/Center for the Washington Mystics. If she were 7 feet tall and were a man, that's Tim Duncan right there.
Leonsis, Ted - Majority owner of the Washington Wizards. Got fined 100 G's by Stern for talking about the NBA with NHL salary rules.
Leslie, Lisa - Still the face of WNBA even after retirement. Yes, she's retired now.

Lieberman, Nancy - Head Coach of the D League's Texas Legends, first woman to coach an NBA affiliated league not called the W. Helped rediscover Joe Alexander's game where he'll be a steal for the Mavs or the Spurs, and Antonio Daniels got himself a deal with the Sixers after exceling as the point guard of her team.

Lottery - The only reason why Wizards, Wolves, Clippers, and Kings fans still watch NBA games.


McDonald's - I loved the original version of this commercial. But it shows you who's still boss after the HORSE game. Original version's below:

NCAA - The organization that is the arbiter of big money college sports, which happens to be a necessary evil.

O'Neal - The last name for both of Boston's big men who are well past their prime and are constantly injured and unable to play
Oden, Greg - Darko had his blurb.

A promising young talent who's dominant when healthy but his
career is dominated by injuries. He'll be an excellent player if he can
remain healthy

One and Done - The route college players take in order to be pros which many think must be stopped.
One More Year - Has several connotations:

  • The amount of year the Lakers have with their current core to win a championship.
  • The amount of year the Celtics have with their current core to win a championship.
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The RBT Guide to Notable Basketball Figures and Events for 2010-2011 (K-O)
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