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 what are some game rule changes you'd like to see in basketball (pro, college)?

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PostSubject: what are some game rule changes you'd like to see in basketball (pro, college)?   Sun May 29, 2011 1:46 pm

It's no mistake that the NBA is the best basketball league in the world, and after many years, FIBA has finally adopted new rules for international competition and FIBA proleague play with things like this:

1. Elimination of the trapezoidal key (The key is now 4.9 m wide, like it is in the NBA)
2. Moving back of the three point line from 6.25 m (about 20 feet, 6 inches) to 6.75 m (22 feet, 2 inches, the NBA three is 23 feet, 9 inches away), except at the sidelines where the three point line is no more than 3 feet (.9 m) away from the sideline, just like the NBA) This applies for men's and women's basketball.
3. Addition of the restricted arc to prevent players from taking charges too close to the basket.

Even the college game has changes for next season that will make things more NBA like.

1. There will be a restricted arc.
2. Flagrant foul terminology will match that of the NBA with Flagrant 1's and Flagrant 2's. I like this. Not all flagrant fouls are the same, where some are clearly intentional, and others are inadvertent but reckless.
3. In women's college basketball, the three point line will move back to 20 feet, 9 inches, which is the same length as the men's three point line. Women can shoot the rock like men, so no problem with this, and the courts will look cleaner too with this change.
4. In women's college basketball, there will be a 10 second half court rule. There previously was no such rule. I never really saw women's teams walking up half a court in over 10 seconds before, so this isn't going to hurt performance.

Rule changes I want to see for the college game:

1. Make the shot clock in men's college basketball 30 seconds to match the shot clock in women's college basketball. I'd like to see the pace of games pick up some and the 35 second shot clock is a bit long.
2. Bring back the jump balls in college basketball where there's a tip off. I hate this possession arrow crap. I don't see games getting delayed because of it. Just throw it up and let the players determine who gets the ball.
3. Make defensive 3 second fouls technical fouls for one shot.
4. Eliminate the one and one penalty free throws.
5. Give all players six personal fouls before forcing them out of the game.

Changes I'd like to see in the WNBA
1. Move the three point line to the FIBA length. I'd expect this to happen next season. With most players playing abroad during the NBA season, they already are playing with this longer three point line. This also opens up the floor for the offense and can increase scoring and work in favor of guards.
2. Make the game 48 minutes with 12 minute quarters? Purpose of this is to increase scoring in games, and pad stats of the best players to match NBA counterparts, and give more players more minutes to play. Those eight minutes will mean something. I don't think it will happen though considering that a 40 minute college/WNBA/FIBA game is about two hours on the TV.

Changes I'd like to consider in all of American basketball
1. Make all technical fouls personal fouls. It doesn't make sense to me that players are essentially given two extra fouls because of getting T'ed up. If players whine about a call not going their way again and again, it should be a stronger negative impact on his or her team.
2. Make halftime no more than 12 minutes, and TV timeouts/timeouts on the floor no longer than 90 seconds. Full timeouts called by a team can be no longer than 2 minutes. National TV is notorious for lengthening games because of commercial breaks, and I think all games need to be consistent in this regard. The consequence here is that players may tire more quickly, but fatigue is part of the game, and a game needs to run as efficiently and quickly on national TV just like a game is when it's only on local TV. I've noticed that halftimes have been as short as 14 minutes at Wizards games on local TV, but when we played on ESPN or TNT, they've been closer to 20 minutes.

What are some rule changes you'd like to see in basketball to make the game more entertaining to the fans that watch particular leagues?
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PostSubject: Re: what are some game rule changes you'd like to see in basketball (pro, college)?   Mon May 30, 2011 2:15 am

they have to do something about flopping imo.

The ref might not know if it was a flop or not.... but they should be able to go and quickly check for about 15 seconds to see if it was a flop or not. If they decide that it was a flop, they should just give the ball back to the team which the foul was originally given to or they should do that PLUS give the flopper a personal foul or tech so he doesn't do it again.

I just really hate flops.
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PostSubject: Re: what are some game rule changes you'd like to see in basketball (pro, college)?   Mon May 30, 2011 10:36 am

Four point shot, Harlem Globetrotters style!
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PostSubject: Re: what are some game rule changes you'd like to see in basketball (pro, college)?   

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what are some game rule changes you'd like to see in basketball (pro, college)?
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