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 Enjoy editting VRO in Premiere and Sony Vegas

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PostSubject: Enjoy editting VRO in Premiere and Sony Vegas   Thu Sep 04, 2014 9:36 pm

Summary: VRO is becoming a more and more popular format and the conversion from VRO to MOV also becomes a problem. Follow this article, and you will get the solution of putting VRO to Adobe Premiere/Sony Vegas.

I got a Toshiba camcorder which supports to output VRO videos. These files are saved at a DVD RAM and their PAL is 4:3. Normally I like to put these videos to Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 or Sony Vegas to edit them. But soon I find this kind of VRO files is not compatible to it.
As is known, VRO format was created by DVD video recorders or camcorders with Mini-DVD disc using the DVD-VR format. VRO Codec is MPEG2, same as VOB but uncompressed raw video and audio. So in some cases you can treat the VRO files just like VOB files, but in many cases you can not use, play or edit VRO file easily.

Fortunately, I ran into Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac which is able to convert VRO to MOV for Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas.

Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac is a really rewarding video conversion media kit with enormous practical and humanized functions. It most satisfies the people who work closely to the different kinds of videos because it has really countless imputing video fortmats! As we all know, the loss of quality about videos during the conversion is unavoidable. But to my great surprise, the output video from Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac keeps its high quality! You can hardly tell the difference of quality between the output video and the source video!

Best of all, after the conversion through it, you can conveniently watch DVD movie or film on your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV etc. Also Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac enables you upload converted movies to online video websites. What I appreciate most is that Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac brings AVCHD and MXF Videos to Player and Editor! As is well known, AVCHD and MXF are the most popular formats from common professional camcorders. This means you get Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac, and you will get the best postproduction of camcorder videos!

Now let me give you a simple guide to operate this converter:

Step1. Import VRO files
Click "add video" or "add folder" to load source file. You can also directly drag files to the program. The program also supports batch conversion and allows you capture images. (Click here to get Aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac installed)

Step2. Choose output format.
Click the "format" and choose the "Adobe Premiere > MOV AVC (*mov).

Tip: After entering “Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas”, you will see other formats. Other specific formats like MPG and WMV are also compatible for Adobe Premiere Pro/Sony Vegas.

You can click "Settings" to set up video size, frame rate, bitrates and other settings if you have detailed demands.

Step3. Start the conversion.

Click "Conversion" icon and the iMedia Converter for Mac will transcode VRO to Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas. With just a click on "Open output folder", you can locate the export MOV files quickly.
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Enjoy editting VRO in Premiere and Sony Vegas
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